Vissenaken (B)


Serial: MT-23


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Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-23      
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00/00/1960 Delivered to Kamina AB (Congo) by C-119G 'Flying Boxcar'
23/07/1960 Taken on Charge
00/10/1960 Returned to Belgium
00/00/0000 To 'Ecole de Pilotage Avancé/Voortgezette Vliegopleidingsschool' (EPA/VVS) (Advanced Flying
  School) at Brustem AB
1969-1977 Used by the 'Red Devils'-demoteam
00/07/1990 First noted as instructional airframe at Technical School of the Air Force at Saffraanberg (and
  replaced the MT-37)
00/00/0000 Wings used to repair the MT-37
28/05/1992 Fuselage noted at ther Technische School/Technical School at Saffraanberg
20/05/1993 Fuselage noted at Saffraanberg, completely stripped
00/07/1994 Fuselage stored at Weelde
00/06/1996 Fuselage noted dumped at Weelde
00/09/1996 Stabiliser noted with scrapdealer at Peutie
00/02/2002 Fuselage first noted stored at Vissenaken (depot /Koninklijk Legermuseum/Brussels Air Museum)
30/08/2007 Fuselage still at Vissenaken
00/02/2008 Fuselage arrived at Retro Aviation (UK) in exchange for some Anson parts.


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