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Links to websites from our contributors: The History of Military and Civil Aviation in Belgium, including aircraft archaeology. Aviation News in Belgium.

BAHA's Wiki Belgian Military Aircraft Database The aim of this Aero Wiki site is to create a complete database of all Military aircraft which have served or serve with the Belgian Military Forces (including Navy, Army, Rijkswacht/Gendarmerie, Openbare Macht/Force Publique and Belgian Air Cadets) since 1910. The purpose of Aerial Visuals is to improve the general awareness of aircraft preservation efforts and to increase knowledge of our shared aviation heritage through the visual media. This new blog is built especially for all people who are dedicated to the Fouga Magister...

Collection of Military Aircraft Pictures

Everything you need to know about the Tipsy aircraft...


PS AERO is specialist suppliers of ex military aircraft, engines and spares.

The museum is an in Holland based company specializing in ex military aircraft.
PS Aero BV

AirMuseum - unofficial web site of
Aviation museum in Košice, Slovakia


Aviation Museums & Volunteers:  

Brussels Air Museum Volunteers

Air Museum - Kosice, Slovakia AirMuseum - unofficial web site of
Aviation museum in Košice, Slovakia

The Official Website of the Polish Aviation
Museum at Cracow
Polish Aviation Museum



Military Aviation related websites:  


Milavia MILAVIA stands for military aviation, so that is what you are going to find here!
Besides information and pictures of the aircraft there is much more. Check it out!

Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb

Sikorsky website Website dedicated to the Sikorsky in Belgian Service

The reference site about the Lockheed
F-104 Starfighter

IFS site

31 Sqn Tiger Website


The (Historical) Documentation Centre of the 15th (Transport) Wing of the Belgian Air Force Documentation Centre of the 15th Wing



Aviation Portals:  


Thirty Thousand Feet an aviation directory with thousands of links to aviation web pages, aviation news, facts, and other sources of commercial, military, and general aviation information.

over 25,000 aviation and flight simulation links!
Air Net Website

UGA internet guides
UGA media is the European publisher of internet guides, business portals, travel guides and reference cd-roms.

Best Aviation Websites

Spotters Assiociations:  

Aviation Society of Antwerp

The Aviation Society of Antwerp was founded in 1972.
At present, ASA is the largest society of its kind in Belgium to anyone who is interested in aviation in general and the Belgian aviation scene in particular.

This website deals with aircraftspotting at Koksijde AB and the rest of Belgium.

Spotters Group Koksijde

Aviation Photographers:  

Wim Robberechts

Max Air2Air Photography

MaxAir2Air Pictures is an online magazine of aviation pictures.



Walter Van Bel

The Aviation Zone A comprehensive online aviation resource for military transport aircraft, aerial tankers and fixed-wing gunships.


Tom's Aviation Photography The aviation picture gallery of Tom and Wim Houquet. Here you can find a selection of aviation photographs taken at different events across Europe.

Johan's Aviation Photography website.
Photographs taken over the last 20 years and regulary updated.

Mil-Air Photography The aviation picture website with trip reports, base-visits from Mitchell vanden Berg.


General Aviation websites:  

Westwings website
The website with general aviation news in the Province of West-Flanders, Belgium. Events, reports, news, here you read about it...


Aviation Shops:  

Westwings website
Apart from being a hobby shop, Flash Aviation also occasionally publishes some books or is deeply involved in the editorial part.


Aviation Archaeology and Research:  

Air Crash Sites Scotland

The website provides information about crash sites in Scotland.



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