The information in this website has been drawn from many sources, both official and unofficial. The internet has seen a very rapid evolution and now offers a lot of information, but although there are some excellent and very informative websites to be found, much of what internet has to offer turns out to be highly unreliable.

The most important source of reliable information is still formed by good, well-researched books, particularly the ones that have a reputation to keep up. We are glad to have quite a few such books at our disposal.

Furthermore we have build up a rather large chain of contacts with the same interest during the past years. Without those keen enthousiasts many of the information could not have been verified or collected.

Special thanks and gratitude we like to mention to the following researchers:

Laurent Heyligen Dirk De Quick Gert Jan Mentink
Daniël Brackx Tom Heiremans Frank van den Waardenburg
Tomáš Adam Simon Brooke Soetkin Vandecandelaere
Maurizio Bressan William Rongé Wim Govers
Walter Van Bel Ruud Leeuw Sabine Winkle
Erik Frikke Patrick Brouckaert Gazárek Martin, Ing.
Dirk Persyn Dariusz Karnas Reinhard Göckes
Danny Paspont Ian Duke Kev Strickson
Wallace Shackleton Bernd Dienel Kristof Vandermoere
Kim Zimmerman Lee Botham Robert Verhegghen
Erik Hourant Ulrich Hoppe Ludo Kloek
Dominique Timperman Ralph Janssen Johan Bringmans
Johan Bringmans Willy Henderickx Michel Klaver
Manfred Poznanski SSGT David E. Shaffer Niels Helmø Larsen
Mark Wassenaar Francis Henrard Roger Huibers
Tom Singfield Koen Kempeneers Ernesto Morales
Sean Keating Paul Baijens Paul Jamar
Ian MacFarlane Elliot Epstein Ken Swartz
Michael Baldock Ron Mak Michael Freer
John Allsop Frank Klaassen Roger Soupart
Wim Robberechts Kris De Maeseneer Robert Roggeman
Jens Lingier Maciej Madej Philippe Cantinaux
Ivo Laets    


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