Antwerpen (B)


Serial: FU-36
ex USAF: 52-7157

This plane was for several years well hidden by shrubs, trees and behind a high fence in the playground of an abandoned technical school (SITO - Linkeroever) in the city. After two fires in the surrounding wooden buildings in a short period, the first on November 10, 2007 and the second during the night of March 8 and 9, 2008 the aircraft was moved to the depot of the Koninklijk Legermuseum/Royal Army Museum at Vissenaken.


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F-84F Thunderstreak /  FU-36
F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-36
F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-36
F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-36
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00/06/1955 Arrival at Rotterdam
28/01/1956 Taken On Charge
09/08/1963 Cat. 1 door of main wheel lost at Florennes
26/04/1966 Cat. 1 ran of runway during landing at Bierset
04/11/1970 To Koksijde for storage
17/01/1972 Removed from Service - 2514,0 flying hours
19/05/1972 To Brustem for use as decoy
00/00/1988 Technical School SITO for didactical purposes
01/04/2008 Airframe transported, only wings remain on the site
02/04/2008 Aircraft transported by road to depot at Vissenaken (BEL) after two fires in the abondoned
  buildings of the Technical School.
00/10/2008 To be on loan for the new exhibition by the Polish Aviation Museum for the next year anniversary of
  NATO. In 2009 in the Museum we will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of NATO and 10th Anniversary
  of Poland’s affiliation with the NATO (info provided by Maciej Madej)


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