Toulouse (FRA)


Serial: FU-125
ex USAF: 53-6760
Squadron code: 8S-C

The Thunderstreak is located at " Les Ailes Anciennes de Toulouse" museum, on the Airbus site.


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Republic F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-125 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-125 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-125
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01/06/1956 Taken on Charge
24/09/1956 Cat. 1 engine problems in flight near Turnhout
25/10/1960 Cat. 1 right pylon tank lost in flight near Helchteren
05/05/1961 explosion in the ammunition compartment in flight
19/09/1962 Cat. 4 tree-tops hit during a simulated ground attack near Harpsted (GER)
12/01/1965 To Koksijde AB for storage
24/02/1971 Struck of Charge with 1782,55 flying hours
29/04/1971 To Beauvechain AB for use as decoy 'Thundermirage'
00/00/1989 Still noticed at Beauvechain AB as decoy (without 'Thundermirage' markings)
09/03/1988 Transported by air (Transall, French Air Force) to 'Ailes Anciennes' at Toulouse from Beauvechain AB
  in exchange for original wooden Fieseler Storch wings
00/10/2007 Still noted at the 'Ailes Anciennes' museum at Toulouse


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