Spadeadam (UK)


Serial: FT-10
c/n: 580-5996
serial: 51-6664/TR-664


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Lockheed T-33A 'FT10' Lockheed T-33A 'FT10' Lockheed T-33A 'FT10' Lockheed T-33A 'FT10'
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00/09/1951 Taken on Charge
00/00/1952 To 2W-83Group-Instrument Flight, Florennes AB
01/09/1953 To 31Sqn-Instrument Flight, first T33A-flight in the squadron. Crew: Kapt Vl. Bastin & Maj Vl.
  Papejans de Morckhoven
17/10/1958 Cat. 3
29/03/1961 Cat. 1 with Sgt Vl Van Reydt at Beauvechain AB (high "G'-load")
29/07/1969 Cat. 2
21/10/1976 The last complete overhaul at Fairey SA, Gosselies (BEL)
28/03/1979 During the farewell ceremony the aircraft was painted with 'Adios T-Bird' markings
05/11/1979 Flown to Prestwick (GB) by LtKol Vl Lamborelle
13/03/1980 Transferred to Spadeadam-range (Scotland)
19/08/2005 Noted in Soviet Air Force-colors (code '21') at RAF Spadeadem , Electronic Warfare Tactics Range,
  Spadeadem Forest


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