Sinsheim (DEU)

This Sikorsky S-58 is located at the Auto & Technik Musem, Sinsheim, Germany. It offers more than 60 aircraft and helicopters of all periods, both from the military and the civilian sector in the open-air grounds and in the museum halls.


serial: B-11
c/n: 58-356
Radio callsign: OT-ZKK


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Sikorsky S-58C / B-11 Sikorsky S-58C / B-11 Sikorsky S-58C / B-11 Sikorsky S-58C / B-11
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10/10/1956 Handed over to the Sabena NV at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation plant, Bridgeport, CT
24/10/1956 Delivered to Sabena NV, Brussels
07/11/1956 Arrived at Brussels-Melsbroek
26/11/1956 Registered OO-SHI (CofR 1107 - Belgian Civil Register) to Sabena NV, Brussels
03/03/1957 Inaugural service to Paris-Issy flown by Capt S. Delaisse
08/05/1963 Cancelled from the Belgian Civil Register
08/05/1963 Taken on Charge by the Belgian Air Force
08/05/1963 Delivered Heli Flight, Koksijde (Flight SRT - Short Range Transport) as B11/OT-ZKK (with 7179 flying
13/09/1963 Ferried to Koksijde AB
00/04/1971 Arrived at the Heli Squadron at Koksijde AB
08/06/1971 Reached 10.020,45 flying hours
07/04/1972 During a medical flight between Soest and Leuven, a window was lost in flight, a passenger
  opened it by mistake
00/00/1974 Arrived at the 40th Squadron, Koksijde AB
29/06/1976 Last official flight
30/06/1976 Written off from service with 11.220,27 flying hours
25/10/1976 Prepared from long term storage at Koksijde AB
22/03/1978 Ferried from Koksijde AB to Oedheim (GER)
00/08/1979 Registered as D-HAUF Meravo-Luftreederei Fluggesellschaft mbH, Oedheim (GER)
00/08/1979 First noted operational as D-HAUF Vermer Gmbh
00/00/1980 Struck of Charge
14/04/1982 First noted preserved at Auto und Technik Museum, Sinsheim (GER) as D-HAUF
2007 Still preserved at the Auto und Technik Museum, Sinsheim (GER)


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