Caldwell, New Jersey (USA)


c/n: PAC/66/17 P.66
Line-nr: PAC/K66/B4002
serial: RM-2
Radio Callsign: OT-ZAB/BAF82


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Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-2 Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-2 Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-2 Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-2
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22/04/1954 Manufactured
10/05/1954 Accepted by SCRT (with 06.10 flying hours) + engines Alvis Leonides Mk.12701 n° 948 (08.30 hours)
  and 949 (10.00 hours) and TOC by 20s/15W (Flight Communications)
15/04/1957 Cat. 2 at Melsbroek AB. Right wing hit hangar door during towing. 1SM Cornelis unhurt
04/07/1957 Cat.1 at Chièvres AB. Hit landing light during taxi on perimeter track. Kpt Vl Lorent unhurt
15/07/1974 Flown from Melsbroek AB to Koksijde AB for storage
15/07/1974 Withdrawn from Service
26/02/1975 Struck of Charge with 2931.16 flying hours through note VDE/S1/0310 of 20/03/1974 + engines
  Alvis Leonides Mk.12701 n° 953 (Lef) (626.37 hours) and 855 (Right) (616.47 hours)
18/01/1978 Sold to Air America Inc., Box 444, Factoryville, Pennsylvania 18419, USA (Exchange agreement
  730006 of 18/01/1978)
28/01/1978 Aircraft Registration Application for N51948
06/03/1978 Registration N51948 issued
09/08/1978 Flown to Blackbushe (UK) to be equipped with extra fuel-tanks and instruments for long-range
08/02/1979 Stored at Miami
06/11/1979 On Storage at Fort Lauderdale
13/12/1979 Sold to Aircrane West, PO Box 1434, Santa Cruz, Cal. 95060 via B&B Aviation, Fort Lauderdale
20/12/1979 Departed from Ford Lauderdale (Florida), for Colombia (South America), probably used for drug
00/02/1980 Noted at Watsonville CA with N51972/RM-12 (PAC/66/33)
14/03/1980 Aircraft Registration Application for N51948
04/09/1980 Registration N51948 issued
00/00/0000 Operated by Aircrane West for University of California on Bird and Animal surveys in Coastal
  California. Operated together wit N2692U, N51972 was also at Watsonville as spare parts source
  After survey work the aircraft was advertised for sale in "Trade-a-Plane" at USD 40.000 but not
  sold due to 'Certification Restrictions'
07/10/1982 Noted still airworthy at Santa Rosa
15/02/1984 Donated to Denver Aerospace Science Museum, 12078 East Oregon Circle, Aurora, Col. 80012 in
  exchange for RM12
31/03/1984 Flown from Denver to Washington, arrived on 01/04/1984
00/05/1984 Flown back to Denver (museum) and donated by Aircrane West, the museum already had N51972
  donated to them, which was unairworthy, and they could not get it to flying condition
17-18/05/1984 Flown from Watsonville to Denver Centennial by John Mulvey
20/05/1984 Aircraft Registration Application for N66PK by Denver Aerospace Science Museum
25/06/1984 Registration N66PK issued
09/07/1985 Application for Airworthiness Certificate
15/07/1985 Application for Special Airworthiness Certificate for crew training and proficiency
30/07/1985 Special Airworthiness Certificate to show compliance with FAR’s (valid 1 day)
00/00/0000 Based at Centennial Airport, Co
09/10/1992 Sold to WAWI Inc ., Frank R. Williams & Del Wardlow, 22007 Meridian E, Suite D, Graham, Wa.98338
  for projected use as a radio testbed
17/06/1993 Aircraft Registration Application for N66PK
01/07/1993 Registration N66PK issued
31/03/1994 Departed to Frank Williams from ARNAV Systems Inc., Puyallup, WA
01/04/1994 Flown by John Mulvey, Denver Centennial to Thun Field, Puyallup, WA., its first flight for ten years.
  Plans to restore as a flying museum of avionics (plans failed)
29/07/1996 Registered to Wawi Inc, Graham, WA
00/06/1998 Noted at Pierce County Airport, near Seattle (5800 flying hours).For sale at 30000 USD
10/03/1999 Status: The aircraft is nearly 95% complete and could easily be brought to flying status
19/10/1999 still registered N66PK, owner: Wawi Inc
00/10/2000 Bought by John Schell, Puyallup, WA
20/02/2001 Listed as Registration Pending at Richard (Rick) Barter from Skywords, 11700 W. Avra Valley Road
  Unit 69, Marana, AZ 85623-9625, USA
29/05/2001 Bought by Richard (Rick) Barter of Skywords Aviation LLC, Tucson, AZ
01/08/2001 Undercarriage retraction tests and engine runs carried out
03/09/2001 Noted at Thun Field, Pierce County Airport, South of Seattle, WA. In good condition, recent work.
  In basic Belgian Air Force colourscheme.
05/09/2001 Still owned by Rick Barter of Skywords Aviation LLC, Tucson
12/01/2002 Not listed on FAA website anymore
00/04/2002 Noted at Thun Field awaiting move to Arizona
00/06/2003 Still owned by Rick Barter
00/01/2005 Offered for sale by Richard Barter and bought by Larry Steever, Puyallup, WA
05/05/2007 Last noted stored Thun Field, Puyallup, Washington


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