Peutie (B)


Serial: MT-09
c/n: 266


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Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-09 Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-09 Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-09 Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-09
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00/00/1960 Delivered to Kamina AB by C119 Flying Boxcar
22/03/1960 Taken on Charge
00/10/1960 Returned to Belgium
00/00/0000 To 'Ecole de Pilotage Avancé/Voortgezette Vliegopleidingsschool' (EPA/VVS) (Advanced Flying
  School) at Brustem AB
00/00/1966 till 1969 used by 'Red Devils'-demoteam
26/02/1970 Cat. 4 at Brustem AB. The aircraft had to make an emergency landing after a birdstrike. Pilot unhurt,
  OLt Vl Delacuvelerie, aircraft written of from service
00/00/1971 Used as instructional airframe at Technical School, Saffraanberg
00/00/0000 Repaired with parts of MT-17 for use as travelling exhibit
00/02/2001 First noted at Mr. Robert Huygens (scrapdealer) at Peutie
00/01/2005 Offered for sale on E-bay by Mr. Huygens, completed with panels from French Fouga (US $ 35000)
00/10/2007 Aircraft sold to private person together with spare parts (instruction simulator, wings of the MT-35
  and spare parts of a French Fouga Magister). Aircraft still at Mr. Huygens awaiting the transport
27/10/2007 Transported to its new location/owner


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