North Weald (UK)


serial: K-1
c/n: 15056/26501
ex USAF: 43-49240
radio-callsign OT-CWA


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Douglas DC-3 / K-1 Douglas C-47B Dakota / K-1 Douglas C-47B Dakota / K-1  
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01/11/1944 Delivered to the USAAF
24/11/1944 To India - China ATC
00/00/0000 To the 9th AF in Netherlands and Belgium
11/10/1946 To the Foreign Liquidation Commission (US overseas disposals)
11/10/1946 Transferred to the Belgian Air Force as '275'
00/04/1948 After overhaul at Fokker (NLD) delivered to 169th Wing/367th Squadron
08/08/1949 To the 15Wing/21Sqn as K1/OT-CWA
01/10/1951 On lease to SABENA
05/03/1952 Registered as OO-SMA (Belgian Civil Aviation Register N° 881)
03/04/1953 Reached 4342 flying hours
04/11/1953 Back to 15Wing/21Sqn
00/12/1953 Temporarely put to disposal of Avimil/Force Publique and based at Ndolo, Congo
14/01/1954 Cancelled as OO-SMA
14/01/1954 till 1960 to 15 Wing detachement at Base Kamina-Leopoldstad, Congo
29/03/1955 Flown 4976,30 hours
00/07/1960 Participates in action in Congo
10/07/1960 Hit in the tail by bullits fired by rebels during landing at Kamina. Pilot LtColVl Kreps
11/12/1973 Stored at Koksijde AB (with 8395,07 flying hours)
31/04/1974 Offered for exchange
21/05/1975 Exchanged with International Engine Parts (Agreement 513303)
00/01/1976 Damaged by a storm at Koksijde AB
00/01/1977 Owned by Mr. Tluszcs, Airmotive Europe, Wevelgem
00/03/1977 Reservation for N99346 Beam & Dasujan Inc, located at Frankfurt (but not taken up)
00/04/1979 Sold as scrap (stored at Koksijde AB)
00/00/0000 Sold to Mr. Salenbien and used as a pigshelter at Vladslo (BEL)
00/00/1986 Owned by Mr. Luc Deprez, Roeselare
00/02/1987 Kind of restoration done by Mr. Deprez and used as an eye-catcher at 'Turbo's Hoet' at Gits with
  fake-engines and fake-propellors
00/00/0000 Offered for sale
18/12/1992 Transported Gits - Schaffen-Diest airfield. Plans for preservation by Dakota Unlimited at Schaffen-
  Diest airfield
00/09/1993 Stored in backyard of the founder Dakota Unlimited (in very bad condition)
20/07/2000 Still noted in Schaffen
00/12/2000 First noted stored North Weald (UK)
00/00/0000 Used for filming a crash scene for Channel 4 series 'Band of Brothers"' as FL586/AI (filming at
  Pinewood studios)
17/02/2001 Still registered as N99346
12/09/2004 Fuselage noted at North Weald (Aces High Ltd) in RAF colorscheme
12/06/2007 Still noted at North Weals in RAF colorscheme (see picture)
00/09/2007 The airframe moved by road to Redhill to Aerodrome Wings Museum UK


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