Niederrhein (GER)


Serial: FX-52
c/n: 9095


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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-52 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-52 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-52 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-52
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08/06/1964 Taken on Charge
07/04/1966 Cat. 1 during a heavy landing the rear fuselage hit the runway. Pilot 1Lt Vl Guebels
31/10/1966 Cat. 3 cone of left air intake damaged. Pilot 1Lt Vl Karel Van Brussel
06/11/1967 Cat .3 during a firing exercise the pilot heard a noice after pull-up. After landing a hole was
  discovered in the radar dome, probably caused by a ricochet. Pilot ADC Vl Cornelissen
08/06/1978 First noted with special colour scheme 'Tiger Meet 1978' (31 Squadron, Kleine Brogel AB)
23/06/1978 Used as demo aircraft during Kleine Brogel airshow, pilot Maj Vl L. Cornelissens
10/11/1981 Cat. 3 damage to the tail and tiptank after a mid-air collision with FX-11. Made a safe landing at
  Kleine Brogel AB. Was later repaired with tail of FX-86. Pilot 1Lt Vl Yvan Janssens
29/06/1983 Arrived at Koksijde AB for storagee (last flew with 31Sqn/10W) Total flying hours 3026,09
00/01/1987 Struck of Charge and sold to Radcomm Enterprise
00/00/1989 Stripped of all usefull parts by Radcomm Enterprise
03/07/1994 Last noted at stored Koksijde AB
11/10/1994 To Kapellen for storage (for reserve Koninklijk Legermuseum/Brussels Air Museum, Brussels)
00/12/1996 Noted in storage at Kapellen
00/11/2000 Fuselage noted stored at Peutie with scrapdealer (no tail), was under restauration with parts of
  FX-69, tail of FX-02 and FX-58, planned to be painted in 1978 Tiger colour scheme
00/07/2001 Last noted at Peutie (no tail)
02/02/2002 Offered for sale during 'Flanders Collection Cars' at Flanders Expo (Gent)
00/06/2002 Offered for sale on website 'Flash Aviation', Eindhoven (NLD)
01/09/2002 First noted at scrapdealer in Peutie with tail of FX-02
23/03/2004 Last noted at Peutie
23/12/2004 Bought by Mr. Henk de Jongh (Antwerp)
13/01/2005 Offered for sale onwebsite by Mr. Henk de Jongh. Price 35.000 Euro
04/03/2005 Moved to Niederrhein airport (GER) and will be restored in its original Tiger colours
2007 Still under restauration


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