Medford (USA)


Serial: FX-81
c/n: 9139

The FX-81 is on display at the Air Victory Museum, Lumberton, Medford, South Jersey Regional Airport, USA.

The mission of the museum according the website "The Air Victory Museum is an educational organization dedicated to inspiring today’s youth through the technology and achievements in aviation history".

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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-81 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-81 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-81 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-81

08/04/1966 Taken on Charge
03/08/1972 Cat. 2 problems with ejection seat. Pilot: 1Lt Vl Robert Van Winckel (349 Sqn)
09/02/1979 Cat. 2 damaged during midair collision with FX-95 over Diepenbeek (BEL). The aircraft was in a
  holding pattern near Hasselt for an air-ground exercise on range at Houthalen-Helchteren. Pilot,
  OLt Vl Peter Naets succesfully made an emergency landing at Kleine Brogel (10 FBW/23 Squadron)
19/04/1982 Arrived at Koksijde AB for storage (last served with 10JBW/31Sqn)
00/01/1987 Struck of Charge and sold to Radcomm Enterprise
00/00/0000 Stripped of all usefull parts by Radcom Enterprise
16/07/1988 Last noted at Koksijde AB
00/06/1989 Departed for the USA
00/06/1989 First noted preserved at Pennsaukin (USA)
00/06/1992 Last noted preserved at Pennsaukin (USA)
00/05/1995 First noted preserved at the Air Victory Museum, South Jersey Regional Airport, USA
00/09/2001 First noted as 'D-8090' preserved at Air Victory Museum, South Jersey Regional Airport, Medford,
  New Jersey
The story behind the plane:

The reason for the change in national markings for the aircraft has been questioned for some time. The curator of the museum explains:

"A number of years ago, one of our founders, Stephen Snyder, was flying his aircraft in the Netherlands. During his flight, he was overtaken by a thick cloud layer. He couldn’t navigate through the clouds due to the fact that he didn’t know any of the terrain in the region. He was assisted by a Dutch Air Force Pilot flying an F-104G (D-8090). Upon landing, Steve told the pilot about our museum. He also told him that when he got an F-104, he would paint it as his airplane. So Steve, after a few years, acquired an F-104 from the Belgian Air Force. He brought it back to the US and kept his promise to the Dutch Air Force pilot. He painted the aircraft to represent D-8090".



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