Leopoldsburg (B)


Serial: ST-07
c/n: 10-07


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Siai Marchetti SF.260M / ST-07 Siai Marchetti SF.260M / ST-07

00/04/1970 Delivered and taken on charge by the EVS/EPE (Elementary Flying School) at Goetsenhoven AB
00/00/1979 Used by demo-team 'Swallows'
03/02/1988 Belly landing in a field near Forseilles/Héron, severely damaged Instructor Capt Vl Ronny De Vinck,
  and trainee Sgt Vl Thierry Calbert both unhurt, (5Sqn)
00/00/1995 Fuselage bought by Lucien Plees and subsequently stored at Sanicole airfield (Hechtel)
19/07/2004 Fuselage last noted at the airfield in hangar


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