Laupheim (GER)


serial: B-14
c/n: 58-350
Radio callsign: OT-ZKN


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Sikorsky S-58 / B-14 - OT-ZKN Sikorsky S-58 / B-14 - OT-ZKN Sikorsky S-58 / B-14 - OT-ZKN Sikorsky S-58 / B-14 - OT-ZKN

10/02/1956 Handed over to Chicago Helicopter Airways at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. plant, Bridgeport, CT
00/02/1956 Registered as N878 to Chicago Helicopter Airways, Chicago, IL
26/07/1962 Emergency landing road Den Haag, Leiden (NLD)
11/06/1963 Leased to Sabena NV, Brussels
24/06/1963 Delivered at Brussels and flown under US registration
04/11/1964 Registered as OO-SHQ (CofR 1534) to Sabena NV, Brussels
01/04/1967 Struck of Charge and stored at Zaventem airport
13/12/1967 Sold to the Belgian Air Force
29/12/1967 Cancelled from the Belgian Civil Aviation register
12/06/1969 Taken on Charge by the Belgian Air Force (with 8410,35 flying hours) with the Heli Flight at Koksijde
  AB for VVIP transport as B14/OT-ZKN
00/04/1971 To helicopter Squadron at Koksijde AB
07/12/1972 To SABCA SA for IR inspection (with 9120,55 flying hours)
30/08/1973 Back from SABCA SA (with 9132,33 flying hours)
00/00/1974 To 40 SAR Sqn at Koksijde AB
06/05/1976 30 hours inspection with 9810,02 flying hours
11/06/1976 Written of from service at Koksijde AB
31/08/1976 Prepared for long-term storage at Koksijde AB
31/01/1978 Ferried from Koksijde AB to Oedheim (GER)
00/02/1978 Registered as D-HAUC to Meravo Luftreederei Fluggesellschaft mbh, Oedheim
00/00/0000 Struck of Charge
00/00/1982 First noted preserved German Army Field Laupheim (GER) as HEER '8025'
00/08/1998 Last noted preserved at Laupheim (GER) als HEER '8025'


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