La Ferté Alais (FRA)


c/n: 88-12127
serial n°: 41-33606 - 'H-29'
ex RAF: EX633
ex SAAF: 7349

The North American AT-6 Harvard 'H-29' is still flying. The aircraft is registered as F-AZBE to the 'Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis' at the Cerny airfield, La Ferté Alais (FRA)


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00/00/1947 Deliverd to the Royal Air Force as EX633
00/00/0000 In service with the South-African Air Force as 7349
00/00/0000 Deliverd to the Royal Air Force as EX633
21/02/1947 Taken on Charge with the Belgian Air Force as 'H-29'
17/09/1958 Struck of Charge
23/03/19?? To Soc. Air France, Toussous-le-Noble (FRA) as F-BJBI
00/00/0000 Registered as F-BJBI
08/11/1963 Registered as F-WJBI to Mr. Mercier
05/05/1971 Sold to Mr. M. Anpouli
16/11/1971 Sold to Aero-Club de Neuilly (FRA)
18/09//1989 To the "Salis Collection" as F-AZHE
2007 Still airworthy


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