Kleine Brogel (BEL)


Serial: FU-145
ex USAF: 53-6613
Squadron code: Z6-E


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Republic F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-145
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04/10/1956 Taken on Charge
26/04/1963 Cat. 1 explosion of a part of the canopy in flight
12/06/1964 Cat. 1 external tanks dropped during take-off at Kleine Brogel AB
17/06/1964 Cat. 1 pylon tank dropped instead of bomb over the range at Helchteren (BEL)
07/04/1965 To Koksijde AB for storage
24/02/1971 Struck of Charge with 1833,15 flying hours
20/04/1971 To Kleine Brogel AB for use as decoy
00/00/0000 Used as a monument in front of the Officers Mess at Kleine Brogel AB
00/00/1997 Preserved as a monument in front of 23Sqn at Kleine Brogel AB
30/04/2007 Still preserved at Kleine Brogel AB as monument


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