Kleine Brogel (BEL)


Serial: FA-16
c/n: 6H-16
US Fiscal Year: 78-0131
SABCA Line N°: B-026


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General Dynamics F-16A / FA-16 General Dynamics F-16A / FA-16
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15/04/1980 Taken on Charge
00/00/0000 Struck of Charge
04/05/1994 Stored at Weelde
22/02/2005 Transferred by road to the Rocourt "IFM Dufour" barracks to be stripped of all useful parts. The
  parts were then offered for sale on the military aircraft market
00/05/2006 Stripped airframe to become gate guard at Kleine Brogel AB
00/08/2006 First noted at Kleine Brogel AB
30/04/2007 Still at Kleine Brogel AB


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