Kbely (Czech Republic)


Serial: EG-247
c/n: 6522 - production n°: M-24

Build by Gloster Aircraft Company but assembled by Avions Fairey SA at the Beauvechain AB.

This Meteor F.8 is at the inventory list of the "Letecké Muzeum" in Kbely, in the Czech Republic.


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Gloster Meteor F.8 / EG-247 Gloster Meteor F.8 / EG-247 Gloster Meteor F.8 / EG-247 Gloster Meteor F.8 / EG-247

00/00/0000 Taken on Charge
00/00/0000 To 13Wing/29Sqn at Brustem AB
00/00/0000 To 1Wing/4Sqn at Beauvechain AB (with sqn code: SV-D)
00/00/0000 To 13Wing/33Sqn at Brustem AB
00/00/0000 To Fighter School/Target Towing Flight at Koksijde AB (with sqn code: B2-R)
00/03/1963 Struck of Charge with 1541,20 flying hours
06/10/1965 Sold to Star Limited
00/00/0000 Sold to Beauvechain AB for restauration 'EG247/B2-R'
28/06/1972 To Koninklijk Legermuseum, Brussels
21/06/1975 Noted at Florennes airshow
00/00/1978 To Brustem AB as 'EG244/MN-A used by the 'Red Devils Aerobatic Team'
24/01/1984 Stored at Brussels Air Museum depot at Westerlo
00/00/1985 To Bierset AB as 'EG244/OV-A'
23/05/1986 Last noted preserved at Bierset AB
01/03/1989 Exchanged for a MiG15 and transported to Kbely Museum (transported with C130H 'CH-01')
00/00/1992 Aircraft repaired by Letecke opravny Kbely and given 'EG247/B2-R'
00/00/1993 Noted at Kbely Museum by Tomáš Adam (Czech Republic) as 'EG247/B2-R'
00/00/1998 Aircraft being repainted as 'SV-D'
2000 Noted at Kbely Museum by Simon Brooke (ENG) as 'EG247/SV-D'
2007 Still preserved at Letecké Muzeum, Kbely. The aircraft is stored according the curator


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