Frankfurt (GER)


serial: B-12
c/n: 58-388
Radio callsign: OT-ZKL


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Sikorsky S-58 / B12 - OTZKL Sikorsky S-58 / B12 - OTZKL Sikorsky S-58 / B12 - OTZKL Sikorsky S-58 / B12 - OTZKL
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27/12/1956 Handed over to Sabena NV at the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. plant, Bridgeport, CT
04/01/1957 Delivered to Sabena NV, Brussels
06/01/1957 Arrived at Brussels-Melsbroek
15/02/1957 Registered as OO-SHL (CofR 1116) to Sabena NV, Brussels
03/03/1957 Inaugural service to Paris-Issy flown by Capt C. Voos
08/05/1963 Cancelled from the Belgian Civil Register
08/05/1963 Taken on Charge by the Belgian Air Force by the Heli Flight, Koksijde (Flight SRT - Short Range
  Transport) callsign OT-ZKL and registred as B12
05/11/1963 Ferried to Koksijde AB
03/06/1966 Ferried to SABCA SA, Gosselies for IRAN inspection
00/04/1971 To helicopter Squadron at Koksijde AB
00/00/1974 In service with 40Sqn at Koksijde AB
20/07/1976 Last flight with with 11200,11 flying hours
05/11/1976 Prepared for long term storage at Koksijde AB
22/03/1978 Ferried from Koksijde AB to Oedheim (GER)
00/05/1978 Registered as D-HAUD to Meravo-Luftreederei Fluggesellschaft mbH, Oedheim
00/05/1978 First noted operational as D-HAUD
27/04/1984 Last noted operational with Meravo Meravo-Luftreederei Fluggesellschaft mbH
00/00/1984 Struck of Charge
00/07/1984 First noted Air Classik collection, preserved at Frankfurt/Main (GER)
1987 & 1990 Noted at Frankfurt am Main/Rhein-Main Int'l Airport (FRA/EDDF) by Bernd Dienel in yellow/red c/s
00/12/1991 Registration cancelled from German Civil Register
26/01/2007 Restored by fire brigade in bare metal colorscheme (see picture page). The Siko received some
  Aluminium Patches and new tires and lookes like brand new. Will be used by the Fire Dept. for
  Rescue Training inside the cargo compartment for occupants/victims evacuation.


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