Essene (B)


Serial: FT-25
c/n: 580-9063
ex USAFl: 53-5724/TR-724


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Lockheed T.33A / FT-25 Lockheed T.33A / FT-25 Lockheed T.33A / FT-25 Lockheed T.33A / FT-25
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00/06/1955 Taken on Charge
00/00/1955 To Fighter School at Koksijde AB
21/04/1960 Cat. 3
26/03/1976 Cat. 5 at Brustem AB. Fire during filling of the oxygen tanks
00/00/0000 Wings were used for the repair of the FT-33
00/03/1976 Struck of Charge withh 4249,34 flying hours
11/01/1977 Remains to 21 Log W and sold to scrapdealer Van Nieuwenhuyze
00/00/0000 Modified with folding wings (ex FT-33) to make the transport to various locations more easy, used
  as travelling exhibit
00/09/1900 first noted along motorway Brussel-Oostende (Essene/Affligem) at Cardealer Fouquaert
2007 still at Cardealer Fouquaert (for sale)
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