Cosford (UK)


Serial: FU-6
ex USAF: 52-7133
Squadron code: YL-A, 3R-A


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Republic F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-6 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak / FU-6

17/08/1955 Taken on Charge
05/10/1959 Cat. 2 main wheels came down in flight, emergency landing at Florennes AB with an unlocked
15/05/1966 Cat. 3 external tanks dropped, these hit the fuselage near Solenzara (FRA)
20/02/1967 Cat. ? external tank dropped with bomb at Solenzara (FRA)
16/02/1968 Cat. ? rocket-support rail lost in flight east of Bertrix (BEL)
17/12/1970 To Koksijde AB for storage
17/01/1972 Struck of Charge with 2447,35 flying hours
22/02/1972 Fuselage to Beauvechain AB for use a decoy
01/08/1973 To Koninklijk Legermuseum (Brussels) as exhange material, stored at 15W, waiting for transport
14/11/1973 To Southend Historic Aircraft Museum (UK)
00/00/1983 To RAF museum at Cosford (UK)
00/09/1983 To the Royal Aeronautical Society at Rochester (UK) and restored as '6771' of the acro-team
00/00/0000 To the RAF museum at Cosford (UK)


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