Essene (B)


Serial: FX-82
c/n: 9140

Founded in 1957, The Air Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting, restoring, displaying, and preserving aircraft and memorabilia for the educational benefit of current and future generations.

Currently, The Air Museum houses over 150 aircraft at its two locations, the main facility at Chino Airport in California and a satellite museum near the Grand Canyon at Valle Airport in Arizona.

The Air Museum displays aircraft spanning the history of manned flight, from a replica of the Chanute Hang Glider of 1896, through modern space flight, and includes numerous milestone achieving test and research flight vehicles.

The Belgian Air Force Lockheed F-104G can be found at the Chino facility.


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Lockheef F-104G Starfighter / FX-82 Lockheef F-104G Starfighter / FX-82 Lockheef F-104G Starfighter / FX-82 Lockheef F-104G Starfighter / FX-82
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10/11/1964 Taken on Charge
10/03/1971 Cat. 1
21/10/1982 Arrived at Koksijde AB for storage (last served with 10JBW/31Sqn)
00/01/1987 Struck of Charge and sold to Radcomm Enterprise
00/00/0000 Stripped of all usefull parts by Radcomm Enterprise
16/07/1988 Last noted stored at Koksijde AB
20/06/1989 Departed from Koksijde AB for shipment to USA
00/11/1989 First noted at Mineral Wells Municipal Airport (Texas-USA)
00/06/1992 Stored at Chino Airport (USA)
03/10/1993 Preserved at Planes of Fame Museum, Chino (USA)
31/01/2005 Still noted as preserved at Planes of Fame Museum, Chino (USA)


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