Brussels National Airport (B)



Serial: V-33
c/n: 1175
Frame N°: 200.33


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Stampe Vertongen SV-4b / V-33 Stampe Vertongen SV-4b / V-33 Stampe Vertongen SV-4b / V-33 Stampe Vertongen SV-4b / V-33
      (present location)

09/02/1952 Deliverd to with Gipsy GM X1c engine N° 10034
18/04/1952 First flight by Jean Stampe
28/04/1952 Deliverd to EPE/EVS
30/09/1952 Transferred to DEPE/DEVS
2706/1953 Transferred back to EPE/EVS
0907/1953 Transferred to DEPE/DEVS
11/06/1954 To EO/OS at Nivelles
22/06/1956 To ARS at Wevelgem for storage
1205/1958 To EPE/EVS
10/10/1959 To 1Wing at Beauvechain AB for glider towing
16/04/1960 Cat. 3 accident at Beauvechain AB. Heavy landing and overturned. Extensive damage to the wings,
  fuselage & engine
24/06/1960 To Stampe & Renard for repairs under contract n° BC206.005 with 978,50 flying hours
15/03/1961 Finished repairs and moved the same day to EPE/EVS
20/03/1961 To 1Wing at Beauvechain AB for glider towing
12/09/1962 Cat. 1 accident Beauvechain AB, nose stand during taxi due wind gust. Pilotes Kapt Vl Vanderstock
  and Adj Vl Devolder unhurt
29/11/1963 To EPE/EVS
24/03/1964 To 7Wing at Chièvres AB for glider towing
26/03/1964 To EPE/EVS
28/08/1967 To Stampe & Renard for IRAN under contract n° BC266.018 with 2573,20 flying hours
04/03/1968 To EPE/EVS
22/01/1969 Cat. 2 accident at Goetsenhoven AB, Heavy landing and right wheel broken. Pilot Debreux unhurt
18/08/1970 To Koksijde AB for storage, on behalf of CMVV/MCZV
05/01/1972 Transported by road to Brustem AB favor CMVV/MCZV
25/05/1976 Struck of Charge with 3771 flying hours
26/06/1976 Transported to Evere, Belgian Air Force HQ for use as exposition material
08/05/1980 To the Koninklijk Legermuseum/Brussels Air Museum
03/10/1995 Transported to the Brussels National Airport for display in the Departure Hall
2007 Still on display at the National airport, Brussels
11/03/2008 The 'eye-catcher' at the National airport left for the Royal Army Museum/Koninklijk Legermuseum


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