Bordeaux (FRA)


Serial: A-18
c/n: 1624 Line N°: 320C
Radio Callsign: OTA-AM
Former markings: OL-A18


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Alouette II/ A-18
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11/06/1961 Taken on Charge
00/01/1969 Cat. ? heavy landing
22/06/1969 Noted operational
19/05/1979 Noted as operational at Brasschaat
00/06/1991 Struck of Charge
00/00/1994 Stored at Brasschaat (with Vormezeele Collection or the Light Aviation School)
00/09/1996 Last noted at Brasschaat
13/08/2005 Cockpitsection first noted preserved at CAEA (Conservatoire de l'Air et de l'Espace d'Aquitaine),
  Bordeaux (FRA), apparently the aircraft was traded with a dumpstore for some spares
27/06/2007 The helicopter is used for spare parts to rebuild a French Alouette II (see picture)


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