Beja (POR)


Serial: FT-30
c/n: 580-9093
serial: 53-5754/TR-754
last: Portuguse Air Force serial "1930"

This T-33A is currently on storage at the Air Base at Beja. Situated near the city of Beja, Air Base "BA 11" was established on October 21, 1964, and is the home base of Squadron 101 - "Roncos" (Roars), Squadron 103 - "Caracóis" (Snails) and Squadron 552 - "Zangões" (Drones).


Lockheed T-33A / FT-30 Lockheed T-33A / FT-30
Carlos Vandenbroucke
(anno 2002)    

00/08/1955 Taken on Charge
00/00/1955 To Fighter School at Koksijde AB
20/05/1958 Cat. 4
during 1960's to 10W-Flight Vliegen Zonder Zicht (Instrument Flying School) at Kleine Brogel AB
00/10/1979 Struck of Charge
15/10/1979 Flown to OGMA, Alverca (Portugal) by Cdt Vl Bouret
00/00/0000 In service with the Portuguese Air Force as '1930'
00/06/1985 Noted operational with Esq301
00/00/0000 Noted in special colorscheme '60000 Horas / 38 Anos FAP'
00/08/1991 Last noted Esq301 (with above mentioned special colorscheme)
04/09/1991 Struck of Charge
00/00/0000 Stored at Alverca
00/00/1995 Stored on Beja
00/09/2001 Last noted as stored Beja (301Esq area)
03/07/2005 Noted at Base BA 11 at Beja with special colorsheme '65000 Horas/ 38 Anos FAP' and 'Eicpac'
  painted on the nose


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