Beauvechain (BEL)


Serial: ST-14
c/n: 10-14


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Siai Marchetti SF.260MB / ST-14 Siai Marchetti SF.260M / ST-14 Siai Marchetti SF.260M / ST-14 Siai Marchetti SF.260M / ST-14
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00/07/1970 Taken on Charge
00/00/1973 till used by demoteam 'Swallows"
00/07/1977 Cat. ? nose wheel collapsed
27/07/1978 Emergency in a corn field near Goetsenhoven after engine failure
18/04/1988 Belly landing in a field near Andenne during a simulated emergency landing. Crew: Cdt Vl Guy
  Lambermont (instructor), seriously injured and was taken to hospital at Huy and Sgt Vl Vincent
  Fontaine (trainee), not injured
22/06/1992 Noted under repair Goetsenhoven AB
22/11/1993 Noted as gate-guard at Goesenhoven AB
00/07/1996 Last noted as gate-guard Goetsenhoven AB
00/05/1997 First noted on dump at Beauvechain AB
00/09/2003 Noted at maintenance hangar at Beauvechain AB (under restauration)
00/10/2003 First noted as monument of 5Sqn building, Beauvechain AB
10/04/2007 Still as monument at Beauvechain AB


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