Beauvechain (BEL)


Serial: MT-49
c/n: 222
ex Luftwaffe KE+122 (test)
ex Luftwaffe AA+222 (Flugzeugfuhrerschule A FFS-A, Landsberg)


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Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-49 Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-49 Fouga Magister CM.170R / MT-49  
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02/07/1970 Taken on Charge
00/00/0000 To 'Ecole de Pilotage Avancé/Voortgezette Vliegopleidingsschool' (EPA/VVS) (Advanced Flying
  School) at Brustem AB
00/00/0000 Used by 'Red Devils'-demoteam
00/00/0000 Noted with 'Base Flight Oldenburg' logo underneath the cockpit (drawing of "beep-beep", a cartoon
  character and the words "base flight Oldy"
07/07/1993 Last noted operational
01/03/1995 Taken on charge as travelling exhibit by 21LogWing
10/12/1996 Arrival at Koninklijk Legermuseum/Brussels Air Museum (as replacement for MT24 which was under
10/08/2002 First noted in blue colourscheme (travelling exhibit 21LogWing)
10/04/2007 Last noted (parts) blue colourscheme (travelling exhibit 1W flight aviation recovery/expo)


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