Beauvechain (BEL)


Serial: IF-65
c/n: 8815
Build N°: A
F-139 Line N°: T-146 by Fairey SA
Squadron codes: JE-P, OV-P


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Hawker Hunter F.4  IF-65 / 7J-8 Hawker Hunter F.4  IF-65 / 7J-8
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15/04/1958 Taken on Charge 7W, Chièvres AB
02/03/1959 To Fairey SA
17/07/1959 To 9W, Bierset AB
00/00/1959 To Bevingen/Brustem as gate guard
17/08/1960 To 7W, Chièvres AB
04/05/1961 To Koksijde AB Storage Park
20/06/1962 Struck of Charge with 483,20 flying hours
00/00/1996 For storage at Kapellen for Koninklijk Legermuseum/Brussels Air Museum
00/00/2006 restored by volenteers of 1Wing Historical Centre at Beauvechain AB with the code 7J-B to
  represent the personal aircraft of Captain Robert “Bob” Corbeel, once N° 7 Squadron’s
  Commanding Officer. The IF-65 never wore the markings 7J-B in service.
Remarks Plans are made for the aircraft to be placed on a roundabout near Chièvres AB


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