Beauvechain (BEL)


Serial: ID-26
c/n: AF/HCF/19
Build N°: AF-19 - LIne N°: T-26 by Fairey
Sqn Code: OV-K


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Hawker Hunter F.6 / ID-26 Hawker Hunter F.6 / ID-26 Hawker Hunter F.6 / ID-26 Hawker Hunter F.6 / ID-26
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23/08/1956 Taken on Charge
00/00/1956 7Wing - 8Sqn at Chièvres AB (code: OV-K)
00/00/1957 9Wing at Bierset AB
13/06/1957 Cat. ? incident at Weelde
16/06/1957 To ARS at Evere
30/07/1957 To Fairey SA for repairs
19/05/1958 Stored at Wevelgem
20/08/1958 Stored at Koksijde
19/02/1960 Struck of Charge with 150,00 flying hours
08/11/1960 To Depot 6-Wevelgem preserved in front of Officers' Mess
13/12/1962 Preserved Depot 3-Zellik Eckstein Barracks
00/00/1983 Noted preserved on pole at Eckstein Kazerne, at Zellik
10/09/1990 Stored at Koksijde AB (reserve Koninklijk Legermuseum/Brussels Air Museum)
03/07/1994 Last noted at Koksijde AB
00/04/1997 Noted stored Weelde
00/00/1997 Noted stored Beauvechain AB, planned to be restored (with parts of ID16)
10/04/2007 Noted at "scrapyard/dump" at Beauvechain AB


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