Helchteren (B)


Serial: FA-08
c/n: 6H-8
US Fiscal Year: 78-0123
SABCA Line N°: B-01


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General Dynamics F-16A / FA-08      

23/10/1979 Taken on Charge
28/07/1980 After a flame-out the pilot managed to airstart the engine, but nevertheless it crashed at Obaix-
  Buzet (BEL) and the aircraft was severely damaged.
  Pilot Kapt Vl Henri Malaise ejected safely (1 Wing - 349 Squadron)
25/09/1996 Wreck noted at a scrapdealer near Peutie
00/01/1999 Last noted at Peutie (scrapdealer)
02/09/2001 Fuselage at Florennes AB
01/06/2005 Fuselage and wings at Kleine Brogel AB for use as a rescue exercise aircraft
00/04/2006 Wreck noted at Pampa Range at Helchteren, should/will be used for fire training
00/09/2006 Wreck used during the excercise "Active Response"
00/00/2007 Wreck noted at Beauvechain and used for fire training


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