Anoka (USA)


c/n: PAC/66/29
Line-nr: PAC/K66/B4009
serial: RM-9
Radio Callsign: OT-ZAI/BAF89


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Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-9 Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-9 Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-9 Percival Pembroke C.51 / RM-9
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29/05/1954 On Luton production line
16/09/1954 Declared "fit for service" after 1,25 flying hours
22/09/1954 Handed over to the Belgian Air Force
25/09/1954 Accepted by SCRT (3.15 flying hours) + engines Alvis Leonides Mk.12701 n° A13042 and A13040
  and taken on charge by 21Sqn/15W
20/10/1954 Acceptance check complete
26/06/1955 To Vliegtuigenpark (Aircraft Storage facility) at Wevelgem for storage (88,15 flying hours)
26/08/1958 To 15W (with 94,05 flying hours)
17/11/1960 Major overhaul at Fairey SA
15/09/1961 To 15W
31/05/1963 Cat. 1 at Melsbroek AB. Birdstrike during landing. Left wing leading edge damaged. Sgt Hayt unhurt
27/04/1965 Major overhaul at Fairey SA after 2095.34 flying hours
10/12/1974 Back to 15 Wing (2100.34 flying hours)
19/03/1976 Flown from Melsbroek AB to Koksijde AB for storage. (with 2397 flying hours)
28/04/1976 In protective storage
28/04/1976 Struck of Charge (with 2397,26 flying hours) while in protective storage through note
  VDE/S2/18424 of 10/12/1974 with engines Alvis Leonides Mk.12701 n° 958 (L) (425.31 hrs)
  and 1012 (3) (371.11 hrs).
18/01/1978 Sold to Air America Inc., Box 444, Factoryville, Pennsylvania 18419, USA (Exchange agreement
  730006 of 18/01/1978)
28/01/1978 Aircraft Registration Application for N51964 by AAI
06/03/1978 Registration N51964 issued to AAI
24/04/1978 Flew from Koksijde to Stansted (UK) with N51966/RM-10
25/04/1978 Flew from Stansted to Edinburgh with N51966/RM-10
25/04/1978 Flown to Blackbushe for long-range tank and instrument fitting
15/04/1978 Flown to USA via Stornoway and Reykjavik (with N51963/ex 'RM-8' and N51970)
REMARK these 2 notes come from Belgium, but they don't agree with spotter's reports from the UK
01/05/1978 At Blackbushe for long-range tank and instrument fitting. This was the first Belgian Air Force
  Pembroke to be done. Solid nose cone.
12/05/1978 One report said "Departed Blackbushe to Shannon with N51963/RM-8 and N51970/RM-11"
  This information could not be confirmed at Shannon however, according to the Shannon source
  they never appeared. Test flights maybe ?
14/05/1978 Departed Blackbushe for Stornoway and Rejkjavik with N51963 and N51970
28/06/1978 Application to FAA for cancellation of registration due to sale to Honduras
28/06/1978 Sold to Interamericana de Honduras S.A. de C.V., based at San Pedro, Sula, Dpto de Cortes
29/06/1978 Registration N516964 cancelled by FAA
00/06/1978 ? Flown to Miami (USA) by pilot/mechanic Ernesto Morales, still as N51694
00/07/1978 At Miami with "Inter Americana de Honduras" titles. (Pictures needed !!!)
00/08/1978 Noted at Miami Intl as N51694
15/08/1978 Registered  to Interamericana de Honduras S.A. as HR-ITA at San Pedro Sula, Dpto de Cortes
Sept/Oct 1978 HR-ITA noted in brown colour scheme at Miami Intl. Still with Indian head on port side
late Nov 1980 Noted at San Pedro Sula, Honduras in brown colour scheme
29/09/1982 Noted in new white colours with red cheat line. Black registration, in very good condition at New
  Tamiami with solid nose
02/07/1985 According to FAA documents the aircraft sold to James P. MacIvor, 8201 SW 188 St., Miami, Fl.33157
  by Air America Inc. (document not certified) - (No registration quoted)
24/09/1985 Sold by Interamericana de Honduras (HR-ITA) to Nighthawk Air Systems, C/O James P. MacIvor,
  President, 8201 SW 188, St., Miami, Fl.33157
06/12/1985 Cancellation from Honduras register as HR-ITA
06/12/1985 Aircraft stored at Tamiami Airport, Florida
04/01/1986 Aircraft Registration Application by James P. MacIvor (no registration issued, reason: aircraft sold)
00/03/1986 Still noted at New Tamiami Airport, with glazed (perspex) nose
01/04/1986 Aircraft Registration Application by Nighthawk Air Systems (no registration quoted on form). No
  registration issued, reason: aircraft sold)
25/11/1986 Aircraft Registration Application by Nighthawk Air Systems for N702JM. No registration issued.
  Reason: aircraft sold.
26/11/1986 100 hour check plus Special Airworthiness Certificate issued
05/03/1987 N702JM Bill of Sale. Sold by Night Hawk Air Systems to Midnight Aviation Inc., 12217 SW 131 Ave.,
  Miami, Fl 33186, USA
05/05/1987 Aircraft Registration Application N702JM by Midnight Aviation Inc. (James MacIvor, President)
01/08/1987 till 14/12/1987 aircraft still stored at Tamiami Airport, Miami (as N702JM)
06/10/1987 Letter from MacIvor to FAA requests registration N702JM
18/12/1987 Aircraft Registration N702JM issued to Midnight Aviation Inc. (Sean Keating & Barry Badenhorst)
26/03/1988 N702JM sold to Panazzo Farms Corporation (John & Celia Panozzo, president and Vice President)
  4630 Otter Lake Road, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
05/04/1988 Application for registration N510RP by John and Celia Panozzo
07/04/1988 Aircraft Reservation Application for N702JM by John and Celia Panozzo. Flying time extended with
  90 days from 11 May 1988 stamped on form
15/06/1988 100 hour check by Air Center of Miami
24/06/1988 Test flight of 2.25 hours by Air Center, Miami FL.
08/07/1988 Registration N702Jm issued
00/07/1988 The aircraft was ferried from Tamiami FL to Anoka County Airport, Blaine, MN. The owners wanted to
  use the aircraft for a proposed charter operation, which was denied by the FAA due to certification
  difficulties of an ex military aircraft
14/10/1988 Under FAA Assignment of Special Registration certificate, re-registered N510RP to Panozzo Farms
  (Richard Panozzo personal suffix ?)
29/10/1988 Registration N510RP issued and painted on the aircraft
00/03/1990 Still registered to Panozzo Farms
00/00/0000 ? Flown to Minneapolis
16/10/1991 Noted at Anoka County Airport, Blaine, Minneapolis, MN
15/10/1992 The aircraft was sold to Charles Yant, Honey Grove, TX. Yant operated a cropduster powered with
  by similar Alvis Leonides engine. His intentions to dismantle the aircraft not fulfilled and the aircraft
  was advertised for sale in April 1996. Spares and spare engines were trucked to Texas
00/10/1996 Inspected by Sean Keating
00/04/1997 Purchased by Sean Keating from Charles Yant, 38543-121 East 1st Street, North Vancouver,
  British Columbia, Canada V7L 4T7. In partnership with Ernest Barend "Barry" Bradenhorst
22/08/1997 Allocated Temporary Aircraft Registration C-GBGT, but not taken up and allocation expired
  on 22/08/1998
01/04/1998 Final transaction for sale to Sean Keating
08/06/1998 Stored at Anoka County Airport, Blaine, MN (20 km north of Minneapolis) ( 2680 flying hours)
  Restoration under review and should commence in about two years
21/05/1999 Both engines were succesfully run together after at least five years of dormancy. Exterior was
  cleaned up, rudders operating, brakes overhauled and new cockpit side windows fitted.
22/05/1999 Taxied before crowd during Open Weekend at Anoka County Airport, Blaine, MN. Once the aircraft is
  in an ferriable condition it will be flown up to Vancouver, British Columbia, for a full restoration. After
  restoration, its Canadian saviours intend to operate it in its Belgian colours at air shows.
18/10/1999 Still registered to Panazzo Farms Corporation
00/08/2001 Still at Anoka County Airport
00/07/2002 Engine runs satisfactory. Awaiting funds to fly to YVR.
00/09/2002 Last noted at Anoka County Airport, due to go to Nashville, Tennessee for restoration to flying
  condition at Bristol Heritage Collection
00/00/2003 Offered for trade to Bristol Heritage Collection of Nashville TN
00/00/2003 Reported under restoration Bristol Heritage Collection, Tennessee Air and Space Museum, 210 Club
  Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37221-1900
00/06/2003 Still registered to Panazzo Farms Corporation
21/06/2004 Still at Anoka County Airport
summer 2005 Reregistered N702JM again. Owner Sean Keating only
REMARK data provided by Tom Singfield and added/corrected by Sean Keating


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