Peer (B)


Serial: FX-94
c/n: 9164


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Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-94 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-94 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-94 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter / FX-94
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09/03/1965 Taken on Charge
22/06/1983 Arrived at Koksijde AB for storage with 2739,44 flying hours, last served with 10JBW - 31Sqn
00/01/1987 Sold to Radcomm Enterprise
00/00/1989 Stripped of all useful parts
08/07/1990 Last noted stored at Koksijde AB
15/07/1991 Allocated to Kleine Brogel AB for preservation
18/09/1991 Transferred to Kleine Brogel AB and repaired with parts of FX-41
00/05/1992 till 00/07/1998 preserved Kleine Brogel AB
27/07/1998 Dismantled at Kleine Brogel AB
29/07/1998 Transported to 21 Log W at Evere for restauration
30/09/1998 Transferred to Brustem AB, restauration done in paintshop of the abandoned airbase
05/10/1998 Start of restauration at Brustem AB
00/10/1998 Painted in blue colorscheme '50 Years ASD'
03/11/1998 Transported back to 21 Log W at Evere
16/11/1998 Transferred by 21 Log W to Aircomponent Staff HQ (Evere) for use as travelling exhibit
01/09/2002 Last noted as travelling exhibit at Florennes AB during airshow
12/10/2004 First noted as 'FX-94' in grey colorscheme at Kleine Brogel AB, to be put on display on roundabout
  at Peer
27/10/2004 Official presentation of the newly restaurated FX-94 at Kleine Brogel AB
16/11/2004 Mounted on roundabout at Peer
19/11/2004 Official inauguration
2007 still on roundabout at Peer (BEL)


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